iMac Repair

iMac-Repair Guwahati


We have Repaired all seven distinct forms of iMac from Egg-shapped iMac G3 (1998) to the latest 5K retina iMac with fusion drive. We undertake all common Repair like : * Cracked /Broken Glass Replacement * LogicBoard Repair/Replacement * Liquid / Water damaged Repair * Hard Drive Upgrade /Replacement * Data Recovery from Formatted or Dead iMac HDD * Graphic Card Repair /Replacement in iMac * Over Heating issue Resolve in iMac * Memory/RAM up-gradation in iMac * Inverter Board Repair / Replacement in iMac * Display Screen Repair/Replacement in iMac * Sound / Wifi / Bluetooth issue Resolve in iMac * WebCam Repair / Replacement in iMac * FAN Repair/Replacement in iMac * Power Supply Repairs/Replacement in iMac * Folder Question Mark issue Resolution in iMac * iMac Rebooting/Restarting issue Resolution in iMac

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